MedLabs Diagnostics

Featured Lab Offerings

Relying on decades of experience, MedLabs Diagnostics has created an extensive menu of test offerings to ensure providers and patients get all the answers they need from one trusted, reliable source. In doing so, we have proven ourselves as the leaders in the laboratory industry and will continue to generate the latest advancements in testing for the future.

Below are some of the comprehensive testing options we have to offer:


This ever-versatile test portofolio is highly customizable and offers thorough and accurate insight into a patient's nutritional health and wellness. NutriQuantTM can quantitate up to 40 analytes, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is also designed to detect the presence of dangerous heavy metals--especially in small children--like lead and methylmercury.


The AMPLIPapTM portfolio provides a wide range of testing options for organisms responsible for a variety of womens genital tract infections, such as bacterial vaginitis or STDs.

AMPLISwabTM also offers testing solutions for organisms that cause women's genital tract infections.


AMPLISureTM Respiratory

Designed to detect 21 separate viral and bacterial upper respiratory infections, AMPLISureTM Respiratory ensures a quick diagnosis for swift and adequate treatment.

AMPLISureTM Gastro

AMPLISureTM Gastro is a comprehensive test that offers the simultaneous identification of 22 different infections. This includes various viruses, bacteria and parasites known to cause gastroenteritis.


Diagnosing tick-borne illnesses can be complicated, but with TruTickTM, patients can get the treatment they need as fast as possible following a variety of indirect (serology) and direct (PCR) testing on both blood and/or a submitted tick.

The CardioCare Program

This all-inclusive series of panels goes beyond standard lipid testing to paint a full picture of a patient's risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). This includes assessing inflammation, genetics and other factors that play a role in developing CVD.